Attribute is an important system that decides a character's performance in a match. All positions have the same set of attributes but each position has different values for each attribute.

Special Characters (SPC) have the same attribute values as of the other normal characters of the same position, however, they are provided with +40 attribute points and all characters from each SPC team other than Buzzer Beater also have an additional bonus to the attribute system.

Details Edit

The Attribute system up until now still has several undisclosed mysteries; however, there is still information confirmed by the game staff and therefore, is trustworthy to help in distributing points and building your character:

  • Each primary attribute associates with a group of secondary attributes (see section below for more details).
  • Secondary attributes are more effective than its primary attribute. For example: 3pt Shot: success↑ would increase the success chance of a 3pt shot more than 3pt Shot.
  • Certain secondary attributes can only be increased by Toys or Cards.

Height Edit

As of Patch July 6, 2016[1], height no longer affects character performance as a Standard Height has been set for each position:

Standard Height 200cm 190cm 180cm 175cm
  • Actions involving jumping as well as distance of dribbling/running moves have been adjusted according to the above Standard Height. This also applies to character gender equally.
  • An exception is the SPC Signature Shot's release point which is still determined by the character height.

Theories Edit

The following section contains play guide from one or more players. Therefore, it is subjective and may not work for everyone.

As said above, the Attribute system still remains a mystery, therefore, several theories arised in the community for the sole purpose to resolve such mystery. They are collected from players' experience, hence the accuracy is subjective and dependent on the player's choice:

  • It requires a specific but unknown amount of an attribute to increase a secondary attribute by one point.[2]
  • The increased success or decreased fail attribute corresponds to an unknown percentage for each point.[2]
  • There is a fixed failure percentage which cannot be reduced regardless of attributes.[2]
  • There is a point of diminishing return dictated by chance.[2]
  • There is no actual limit in the attribute system. An attribute may get more points but eventually, it will hit diminishing returns, meaning it will be less effective.[2]

List of Attributes Edit

The following is a list of attributes and associated secondary attributes. The list covers most but not all available information; however, it is reliable as most of which are officially confirmed by Joycity[3].

Attribute Description Sub attributes
Post Shot Increases success rate of Post shots, Under shots and Spin move fake shots.
  • Post Shot: success↑
  • Turning Shot: success↑
  • Spin move shot:success↑
Middle Shot Increases success rate of jump shots inside the 3pt arc.
  • Middle Shot: success↑
  • Middle Shot: success (No Mark)↑
3pt Shot Increases success rate of jump shots outside the 3pt arc.
  • 3pt Shot: success↑
  • 3pt Shot: success (No Mark)↑
Short Dunk Increases success rate of Short Alley-oop dunks, Put back dunks, success rate and chance of Short dunks.
  • Short Dunk: activate↑
  • Short Dunk: success↑
  • Putback Dunk: success↑
Long Dunk Increases success rate of Long Alley-oop dunks, success rate and chance of Long dunks. Does not increases dunk and layup range.
  • Long Dunk: activate↑
  • Long Dunk: success↑
  • Long Alley-ops Dunk: success↑
Short Layup Increases success rate of Short layups, Eurostep layups and Tip in shots.
  • Short Layup: success↑
  • Tip in: success↑
Long Layup Increases success rate of Long layups. Also increases dunk and layup range.
  • Long Layup: success↑
  • Long Layup: range↑
  • Long Dunk: range↑
Steal Increases chance, range, speed of Steals, and chance of Intercepts and Overpass Intercepts.
  • Steal: activate↑
  • Steal: success↑
  • Steal: motion↑
  • Steal: range↑
  • Intercept: success↑
  • Overpass Intercept: success↑
Pass Increases success rate of range and speed of Passes.
  • Pass: speed↑
  • Drive in & Kick out Pass: speed↑
  • Diving catch & Pass: speed↑ & range↑
  • Outlet Pass: speed↑
  • Jump Pass: range↑
  • Baseball Pass: gauge↑
  • Overpass: chance↓
  • Receive bad over-pass: chance↓
Tussle Increases collision range of Box out, Keeping & Pass, and chance of blocking post up dribbles, dunks, and deny intercepts.
  • Character: collision angle↑ (e.g:screen)
  • Move: collision angle↑
  • Post Up Drive: collision resistance↑
  • Dunk Block: success↑
  • Dunk Block: angle↑
  • Outlet Pass: motion collision angle↑
  • Deny Intercept: success↑
Block Increases range and height of blocks, and success rate of blocking dunks.
  • Block: range↑
  • Block: height↑
  • Back Block: range↑
  • Back Block: height↑
Rebound Increases range and max height of rebounds.
  • Rebound: range↑
  • Rebound: height↑
  • Power Tap Pass: Height↑
  • Power Tap Pass: Range
Speed Increases speed of normal moves, dribbles, Dash, Face up and Box out.
  • Move: speed↑
  • Dashing: speed↑
  • Face Up: speed↑
  • Box Out: Speed↑
Stamina Increases maximum stamina, and recovery rate.
  • Stamina: max↑
  • Stamina: recovery↑
  • Stamina: reduction↓

References Edit

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