Box Out is a defensive skill which assists rebounding by securing a good position. It is a mandatory skill for C, PF and CT, and optional for SF and SW.

Box Out relies on timing and tussle. As soon as the shooter releases the ball, press and hold W to box out right away. If you are already in a good position, which means your opponent is locked from getting near the rim, try to push him further away from where the ball may bounce. However, if you are in a disadvantageous position, still try to box as fast as you can but instead, move your body towards the rim to recover for a better position, if with high enough tussle, you will be able to push your opponent even from the outside towards the rim.

Tips and tricksEdit

Box from out

Boxing out from a disadvantageous position. Notice the timing to box effectively.

  • Keep in mind that Box Out works best when you are boxing from the inside, so always try to take over the advantageous position whereas possible.
  • Box out assisting skills such as SP Box Out and Box Out Swarm are advised.
  • It is not necessary to rebound following box out, you may use box out to push the opponent big away from the ball and let your teammate get the rebound.
  • To counter against Box Out Swarm, do not try to push your opponent but instead, move your body to where he will likely swarm to, he will eventually swarm to a disadvantageous position or right under the rim, which is hard for him to reach the rebound. The more box out speed and tussle you have, the less you will be affected by his swarm and the easier you can block his path.

Video guideEdit

FS2 Tips & Tricks - How To Boxout

FS2 Tips & Tricks - How To Boxout.