Card is a feature provided to players to enhance their character's ability (attributes increase, additional skill which comes with a card skill slot).

Each character can equip a card deck of 3 types: Offense, Defense and Talent.

  • Offense cards enhance the offensive ability of the character such as Middle, 3pt Shots, Dunks and Layups...
  • Defense cards enhance the defensive ability of the character such as Rebound, Block, Steal...
  • Talent cards enhance the overall ability of the character, can be either offense or defense.

Each card consists of 1 main attribute and 2 random sub attributes. If a character equips a full deck, an extra bonus will be awarded, which can be an additional attribute bonus, all attribute bonus or an additional skill.


The following is a list of card decks available in game.

Tip: To quickly navigate to the deck you are looking for, press Ctrl+F and type the deck name.

List of sub attributesEdit

Offense Defense Talent
  • 3 Point Shot Att.
  • 3 Point Shot: def. resist
  • 3 Point Shot: success
  • 3 Point Shot No Mark: success
  • Alley Oop Dunk: range
  • Alley Oop Dunk: success
  • Away Screen Move: speed
  • Back Roll Turn Dribble: speed
  • Backward Two Step: speed
  • Behind the Back: range
  • Double Clutch: success
  • Drive: speed
  • Fade Away: success
  • Floater: success
  • Hook Shot: success
  • Jab Step: speed
  • Long Dunk: activation
  • Long Dunk Att.
  • Long Dunk: success
  • Long Layup Att.
  • Long Layup: def. resist
  • Long Layup: range
  • Long Range: range
  • Manual Layup: angle
  • Middle Shot Att.
  • Middle Shot: def. resist
  • Middle Shot: success
  • Post Shot Att.
  • Post Shot: def. resist
  • Post Shot: success
  • Post Up: collision: angle
  • Post Up: speed
  • Post Up Drive: collision resist
  • Post Up Quick Change: speed
  • Putback Dunk: success
  • Quick Change: speed
  • Quick Jumper Act: speed
  • Shoot Touch: success
  • Shot Fake Drive: speed
  • Short Dunk: activation
  • Short Dunk: def. resist
  • Short Dunk: success
  • Short Layup Att.
  • Short Layup: def. resist
  • Sky Hook Shot: success
  • Tip In Shot: success
  • Turn Around Fade Away: success
  • Turning Shot: success
  • Two Step: speed
  • V-Cut: speed
  • Alley-Oop Pass: range
  • Block Att.
  • Block Pass: success
  • Box Out: speed
  • Box Out Swarm: angle
  • Chip Out: range
  • Diving Catch: fail
  • Diving Catch: range
  • Diving Catch: success
  • Entry Pass: intercept resist
  • Entry Pass: speed
  • Face Up: speed
  • Face Up Collision: angle
  • Intercept: range
  • Intercept: success
  • Jump Pass: range
  • Kick Out Pass: intercept resist
  • Kick Out Pass: speed
  • Kill Pass: speed
  • Manual Block: range
  • Move: speed
  • Move Collision: angle
  • Move Collision: resist
  • Over Pass Intercept: success
  • Pass Att.
  • Power Rebound: range
  • Rebound Att.
  • Running Speed Att.
  • Screen Collision: angle
  • Screen Collision: range
  • Stamina Att.
  • Stamina: max
  • Stamina: recovery
  • Steal Att.
  • Steal Motion: speed
  • Tussle Att.

Offense + Defense sub attributes


Fusion page

Fusion tab

An additional feature of the Card system, Fusion allows obtaining a card by fusing together five cards or Material Cards, the rarity of that card is determined by the average rarity percentage of the fusion materials.

Tip: It is best to fusion five materials of the same rarity to ensure the chance of obtaining the desired rarity.



Prism Card++

An additional feature of the Card system, Prism++ allows a card to be upgraded one more time, even if it has been fully upgraded. By using Prism Card++ on the desired card, which can only be acquired through events, all attributes of it will be increased by one.

Prism++ success Prism++ fail
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