“Hello there, I am Dr. Isaac, your Mechanical Engineer Professor. You'd better not be skipping my class. If you'd play basketball with me, you'd better play better than my Androids, AA and BB. If you can't, no chance for you!”

Dr. Isaac is a typical hysterical-genius type. Behind his ordinary looks, he has a natural talent in robotics and became a Robotics Professor in a world well-known University at a very young age. Although he has a strong passion for basketball, no one wants to play with him because of his strange personality.

After jealously seeing one of his student Michelle playing basketball with her friends, he eventually decided to build himself basketball Androids. Despite always seen bickering about something with his second Android, he receives compliments that he is more energetic and lively these days. His lightning fast intelligent yet calm personality makes him a very tactical big man on the court.