“Hey buddy, wanna race? Nah, you're no match for me anyway. My name is Jake, just Jake! And by the way, I'm the fastest member of our gang, the so-called Wild Rookies. I will let you in our little secret, our plan is to take over the world real quick, starting with the FS2 basketball courts.”

Jake's parents are professional bank robbers who are known for cracking open the hardest of safes. However, in the hopes that their son will grow up an ordinary life. They have sent Jake away to a reputable school. He has been nominated class president in his school because of his fast thinking and leadership skills. However, during the gym class, he experienced a strange incident where he was able to run, think and react at a break nect speed. Realizing his powers, Jake decided to join the Wild Rookies to become a villain just as famous as his parents.