Pillar play

An example of the Pillar play style.

Pillar is a term commonly used by players to refer to a play style in which a C, PF or CT performs screen for the scorer (can potentially be any position) to score by moving around the screen and disorientating defenders. The key tactic is how effective the scorer moves around while the big performing a screen. The big must always be ready for rebounds as the scorer may miss or get blocked any time.


  • Can be used by with any team composition, but most effective if the team consists of a C, PF or CT.
  • Does not require many or complicated skills.


  • A good vision of the scorer is required.
  • Heavily relies on the big to recover the ball, due to a high chance of the scorer getting blocked or missing.
  • The screener requires much stamina due to a high chance of having to screen multiple times.
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