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“A pleasant date stranger, I'm Sunny. Please excuse my sister's rudeness. We've both come a long way from home, our home in Wulin island. Would you accept her humble challenge? We hope to become masters of street basketball.”

Sunny is the second twin daughter of the Wulin family, she has a good relationship with her elder sister Windy. Her attitude is quite and conservative which is totally opposite to her sister's. She was very dedicated in their father's teachings, always doing her best to master the martial arts but she was never able to catch up to her sister's talent no matter how hard she tried.

Sunny, however, was also curious of the outside world which is why she followed her sister. After seeing Street Basketball for the first time in the outside world, she was also deeply attracted. She knew that she could also be better than her sister at it and thought of her as her ultimate rival. However, this just makes them better as a team.