Bureaucrat Founder
  • My occupation is Full-time admin at Fire Emblem Wiki

Hello, so you being here means you would like to know about me? Nice to meet you, my name is Khang Nguyễn Duy, I play in Asia server with my C as my main and favorite position (IGN: JoeDefender). I started this wiki in Feb 2016 and have been working on it since. It still lacks contribution up until now but I hope it will improve somehow. That said, there are still some great people who helped me out a bit and I would like to thank them for their contributions, few or many.

I was also luckily selected as a player mod by the game staff in Sep 2016 thanks to my work here, so I'm looking forward to helping those with my abilitiy. If there's anything you need, feel free to throw me a message here or find me in game.

Alright then, let's back to the court!!!

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